Disturbed's multi-platinum-sized throng of fans can demonstrate their 'commitment' to the band by playing 'The Asylum Interactive Experience,' which debuts Oct. 28. The game looks a bit like one of the 'Saw' films with its bold, blood-stained graphics and sanguinity. The concept of the game is based on the music from the band's chart-topping new album, 'Asylum.'

During the course of the game, fans are trying to escape the asylum in order to prevent horrific events which lead to a horrifying and perhaps apocalyptic future. But it's not just a recreational game -- there are rewards. Players can win exclusive songs, view never-before-seen photos and much more.

Disturbed will kick down the door of 2011 with the fourth annual Music As a Weapon Tour, which is slated to run from January through March. If you are fidgeting while waiting for the band to resume domestic touring, kill some time by watching our ''Creep Show' espisode featuring Disturbed's David Draiman.

You can also view the exclusive, blood-spattered trailer while you're at it.

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