DisturbedOn Disturbed's new album, 'Asylum,' the band looks at environmental issues on 'Another Way to Die,' about how the planet is our home but we aren't exactly taking care of it for our children and their children. So we had to ask singer David Draiman about his position on the catastrophic BP oil spill. Turns out, he is very informed on the matter, and we felt like we learned from listening to him speak about it.

"I have a significant one," Draiman said when Noisecreep asked him if he had an opinion about the BP crisis. "I think it is an embarrassment and it is unforgivable. We should have sent every available resource the minute it occurred, but watchdog organizations are in bed with these people and nothing is done. I think that it is ridiculous that we didn't accept aid from the Saudis right away; the freighters they have, and have used, with suction capabilities?"

He continued, "We left it to BP, who did not take accurate measurements of oil and who lied all along. All they are concerned about is diverting and saving the constantly leaking orifice instead of damming it up and losing the oil. They aren't worried about saving an ecosystem and way of life of fisherman along the Gulf Coast."

Draiman also deemed the White House's reaction to the BP spill as "tantamount to how Bush handled Katrina. It gets worse every day. The marine life is hardest hit, since they have to come to the surface to breathe and instead take in the toxins. I am beyond disgusted with the situation. I have followed it like a madman. It's unforgivable."

The singer also said he hopes that Kevin Costner, who has come forward with his device that can supposedly separate the oil from the water while saving both, is legit with his claims. "I hope Costner isn't blowing hot air," Draiman said. "The irony is that other companies aren't more innocent. They just haven't gotten caught. Shell's and Exxon's preparedness plan looks the same way."

Disturbed's 'Asylum' is out in Aug. 24.