Disturbed will release a B-sides collection, called 'The Lost Children,' on Nov. 8th. The band views its songs like children, hence the title. The release collects songs that populate the band's career and represent different times and periods for Disturbed. Make no mistake, these songs aren't castoffs or throwaways.

Noisecreep chatted with guitarist Dan Donegan to get the scoop on why the band chose to release 'The Lost Children' at this point in its career. He also addressed those pesky breakup rumors surrounding the band.

Why do a B-sides release now?

For us, every song we've written is important to us, so we wanted to make sure the fans had the opportunity to hear some of these songs, as well. When we do these songs, we don't view them as "not good enough" to make the original album. We have strong feelings and intentions of them being out somewhere at some point. We always know they will see light of day. It's like a compilation of songs left off our albums over the course of our career, and this is a whole collection of them together.

Did you ever have to fight to get these songs on albums and lost? Is the process democratic? Diplomatic? Do you battle one another or the label?

Our label and management have stayed out of our way and let us do what we do. Maybe we are one of the lucky few bands that has that luxury where they don't chime in on which songs to include. I remember a few albums ago, one of our label guys pushed hard for one of the songs to be a single, but we pushed for it to be off the album, as a B-side. Everyone has a strong opinion or feeling, and we've never lost that battle yet! Sometimes we felt a song was so strong that we could use it on a soundtrack or a different release somewhere, or for a sporting event or the MMA or military. We have these anthemic songs for that purpose. So, no, it's never too much of a struggle.

Listen to 'Hell' From Disturbed

OK, I have to ask. What's the current status of Disturbed? There's lots of breakup rumors hanging over the band, courtesy of some things David Draiman has said.

I am sure he understands that over the years, anything he says is put under the microscope, whenever he says a word. I am not blaming anyone or thinking that a journalist got it out of context or maybe there is something we all don't agree on.

Basically, we are coming off the road and not making a game plan just yet. I don't know what that means. We've never taken a break. We might miss it so much, that in two months, we write and make a record. It could be two years or 10 years? I dunno. I want to make one thing clear. Speaking for myself, we're not taking a break to pursue other things. If we do other things, it's because we are on a break. I don't expect anyone to sit around and do nothing, so if I produce or David produces or co-writes, it's the luxury of free time. Now is a good time. We just want to walk away for a bit! I want that feeling of missing what we have! I want to go to concerts and be in the crowd, not watch bands from side of stage. Yes, that's a nice luxury I've had through our career. But at this point, I want to be in crowd and get fired up, so it inspires me to get back on stage. It'll push me!

Yes, we've' accomplished a lot and I want to miss it so much that I need it. If I hear guitars rip through PA at full volume, I am fired up!

What's the song on 'The Lost Children' we should check out first?

'Midlife Crisis' is our cover and tribute to Faith No More. We're big fans, and it was something we did a while ago and had it on back burner. We put it out since we are fans.