Disturbed canceled their planned fall tour, divulging only that frontman David Draiman had fallen ill and was labeled it a "serious throat condition."

However, the singer has told Metal Hammer that he actually overdosed. But it wasn't that kind of OD. Draiman was apparently receiving regularly-administered immunotherapy injections to control allergies, but he became dangerously ill when he was accidentally dosed with 10 times the required amount. That sounds like a lawsuit in the making.

At the time of the incident, Draiman's blood pressure plummeted and he slipped into anaphylactic shock. He said, "I was on oxygen for hours and still my blood pressure was way, way low. This was the day before we were supposed to play three shows in a row and the residual inflammation that came from the allergic reaction meant that I couldn't heal from it in the middle of the touring cycle."

Turns out there really was a severe throat condition. The singer described his vocal chords as "pretty beaten up. They told me if I sang I'd be risking permanent damage."

Disturbed will be back on the road with Korn on the Music as a Weapon Tour this winter.

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