When Noisecreep last checked in with the reggae-rock stars the Dirty Heads several months ago, the Huntington Beach-based band was entering a recording studio in Texas to begin recording basic tracks for their new album.

Now, as the 'Lay Me Down' rockers wrap up a cross-country headlining tour, they're preparing to go back in to the studio to add touches to the new songs – things they learned while on tour.

Backstage in San Diego recently, band founders Jared "Dirty J" Watson and Dustin "Duddy B" Bushnell sat back down with Noisecreep to discuss their unique creative process.

"We finished recording almost all of the album," Watson said. "And it's awesome. Our plan was to record the basic songs, tour with them like we've been doing, mess around with them live, learn what works best, then go back in and make the adjustments we need to make. So that's what we're doing – and the fans have made a difference."

Chris Epting

"We'll look at the songs in a different way now," Bushnell added. "Because we've learned a lot about them from the fans – what worked best in the songs, what maybe needed a little work. We've lived with the songs now for awhile and like Jared said, you can see what the fans like. The crowd gets hyper at certain points so you know where to go when you get back in the studio. It's been a very cool thing watching fans get used to the new stuff, learning the lyrics – even when they miss the lyrics it's cool. Today's world is so weird because fans are sharing thoughts and ideas about the music on all the social media sites, before the music is even finished, which we feel can help us add something special o the songs. That energy."

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Watson added that it's been thoroughly refreshing to play new music and prepare the new album because he wants to keep building on the momentum the band established in the last couple of years. "We've been touring with the same record for a bit so it's more than about time for something new. It should be out in spring time and then it's back on the road right after that. We are very excited about and what summer should be like for us."

Chris Epting

That schedule also works well Bushnell, who is expecting his second child in February. "We're having a little boy," he smiled. "To go along with our four-year-old girl."