To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the classic 1983 Dio album 'Holy Diver,' the band performed the disc in its entirety on their 2005 tour. A show at the London Astoria was filmed and turned into the DVD 'Holy Diver Live,' which was originally released in 2006. On Oct. 12, Eagle Vision will re-release a high-definition version of the DVD in standard and Blu-ray formats. In addition to the songs from 'Holy Diver,' the disc includes Dio performing songs from Rainbow and Black Sabbath, as well as a bonus group interview.

The band consisted of the late Ronnie James Dio on vocals, guitarist Doug Aldrich, bassist Rudy Sarzo, drummer Simon Wright and keyboardist Scott Warren.

'Holy Diver' was Dio's first album as a solo artist after his early '80s stint with Black Sabbath. It included the hit single 'Rainbow in the Dark,' whichVH1 ranked the 13th best metal song of all time in 1987.

'Holy Diver Live' track list

1. 'Tarot Woman'

2. 'Sign of the Southern Cross'

3. 'One Night in the City'

4. 'Stand Up and Shout'

5. 'Holy Diver'

6. 'Gypsy'

7. 'Caught in the Middle'

8. 'Don't Talk to Strangers'

9. 'Straight Through the Heart'

10. 'Invisible'

11. 'Rainbow in the Dark'

12. 'Shame on the Night'

13. 'Gates of Babylon'

14. 'Heaven & Hell'

15. 'Man on the Silver Mountain'

16. 'Long Live Rock 'n' Roll'

17. 'We Rock'

18. Bonus interviews