In a lengthy statement issued Sept.2 and signed 'Galder, Shagrath & Silenoz,' the remaining members of Dimmu Borgir gave fans a candid, lengthy and if nothing else, informative explanation for why they're now two men short: They fired keyboardist Mustis, who -- soon after leaving the band -- declared himself the musical brains of the Norwegian black metal operation, and bassist ICS Vortex, who echoed the sentiment in his own statement a day later, in which he flat out hailed Mustis as "the true creative force in Dimmu for the last 10 years."

At first, the remaining members of Dimmu issued a brief statement, reassuring fans that "the creative force in the band is highly intact, perhaps even more so than ever." But since then, there's been something of a 's--- storm response' to the news, and according to the band's remaining members, "all the s--- is thrown in the wrong direction."

Citing the saying "those who scream the loudest have the most to hide," the band said that it had tired of "put[ting] up with unprofessionalism and bad live performances" and thanked those who didn't just accept "statements posted online by recently fired members based on their ignorance, bitterness and greed."

The band's statement continues, saying that "for someone to be in a band, on any level, first there's got to be commitment and dedication ... a drive and urge to do what you do, whether you're part of the songwriting process, planning the touring part, business part, the administrative part or simply just the performing part -- doesn't matter which one you're mostly involved in. However, you need to be involved in some of it to a certain extent to be considered and treated as a member and you have to show some sort of level when it comes to responsibility, not only for yourself but for others around you as well.

"Over the course of 10 years," the statement continues, one either develops "understanding of how things are run" or they don't. "After time, you've got to know and accept your place and what role you have taken and your ability therein; the sooner you do this, the better," the band adds. "Remember, you still -- at the same time -- have to continue to earn your place and work for it, respect it and nurture it like a child, even after years of success. It doesn't come for free, it doesn't stay for free and it doesn't leave for free either. We're all replaceable."

The missive then claims that Mustis' statements were "not being written by himself, but by someone else" before going into some of the reasons why the guys were let go. "Don't forget to bring your instrument when you're about to play a festival in which you're going to perform in front of thousands of fans that have traveled far and paid money to see you play. Maybe you haven't been into it so much the last couple of years and it's -- on top of that -- an early flight; you feel things are a bit tedious -- no worries, we all experience this from time to time but we know the deal by now after so long ... but, we shouldn't have to remind you to bring your own instrument to a gig. For that there's no excuse, neither will we accept one."

Apparently, drinking became an issue for the band, too. "Don't hurt yourself in an alcoholic rage, smashing a glass to your forehead, putting yourself, your band 'mates,' crew, not to mention the show(s), in jeopardy. Remember, the money you care so much about getting, compared to the minimal of effort you put in, won't be paid out to you or anyone else in the band if the show(s) doesn't happen."

Mustis and Vortex are next accused of having "cocky rock star attitudes" and slammed for "behav[ing] like an a--hole around your band members. You know why you're not part of this band anymore, don't make excuses and make it look like it's someone else's fault when you very well know it was you alone who put you where you are right now."

Then, the remaining band members slam either Mustis or Vortex (or both) of selling the band's most recent album "on eBay, only signed by yourself," saying that "can't be looked upon in any other ways as pure greed, not to mention mockery, towards the rest of the members of the band that you're still in, AND the fans. Attempting to sell a CD of the last album (which you can still get hold of in shops) with only your signature on it for the highest bid is a remarkably low act." They also accused the two excommunicated metallers of blackmail, and that they're holding files for ransom, "files that are the band's property which we need for future projects that would bring you money later eventually, in one way or another. Now it won't. Not a very smart and thought out thing to do. Not to mention the fans now have to wait for these special releases because your ego for some odd reason is hurt and in total control."

According to the statement, Mustis and Vortex often complained about the money they were making, "so a word of advice: for those of you who'd wish and would want to work with either of these guys in the future, please be prepared to discuss business first since the art of music comes secondary."

The statement concludes that this firing "wasn't an issue of the typical 'musical differences' bulls--- statement either. Other bands cover up their s--- with that worn out excuse, but musical differences is exactly what makes this band sound unique. Sadly, some of the members lost the focus along the way; some people close to the band will say they did that a long time ago, and for that, there was simply nothing we could do anymore. We can't force people to do something they obviously don't want or care about. We tried -- but they didn't."