There's a flurry of activity surrounding metal's fave mathematicians, Dillinger Escape Plan. Guitarist Ben Weinman took some time out from his busy recording schedule to give Noisecreep the scoop on 'Option Paralysis,' their forthcoming album.

"We are working on in-depth demos right now," Weinman said. "We're going to do a short run of shows. I hate to repeat what was said in the press statement, but it's a changing time in the music business. Every day is different. The industry changes in some new innovative way to monetize music. The consensus for smartly successful bands is to build upon the core fan base when you're not a brand new band. We wanted to have more control and more artistic and business freedoms that exist in that scenario."

The band is now free from its contractual ties to longtime label Relapse, and while plenty of major label offers were laid on Dillinger's doorstep over the years, they've opted to partner up with Season of Mist for a unique, one-off deal. "We're not starting our own label, since that's not something I am interested in right now," Weinman said. "We have a decent amount of control and say, and this is not a long-lasting tie to stop us from evolving." The album will be released under an imprint label whose name has yet to be announced. A January 2010 release date is being eyed, as well.