When Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails abruptly announced onstage this weekend at 2009 Bonnaroo that this would be the band's final US performance ever you can bet hearts were breaking wide open across the world. That includes the ticker of Ben Weinman, guitarist for New Jersey noisemakers Dillinger Escape Plan, who were personally invited by Reznor to perform the "final" song, "Wish," with NIN.

"I don't know," Weinman told Noisecreep when asked if he believes that NIN are done playing in the States. Weinman was in Detroit when we chatted with him, as his band was playing a spate of post-Bonnaroo shows on their way back to Jersey. "He's got so much to offer and is too important. He's innovative and has been doing his thing for so many years. It's important that he stays in the industry, especially because of the state it's in. I think he'll still contribute artistically. I think they will be back eventually. They have to! I need some advocates out there. I never thought Faith No More would reunite and play again, so..."

Reznor's invitation to have DEP perform with NIN during "the final show" is the result of a friendship that was fostered when both bands were playing Australia. Weinman and vocalist Greg Puciato would go onstage and perform with NIN while down under. "We were friendly with him before, but when we toured with him in Australia, we hung out, bonding over the fact that most of the bands we were playing with were horrible," Weinman recalled. "Trent doesn't drink anymore, nor do I, so that's something else we have in common. We would have fun without getting f---ed up, which is a rarity for most bands. We went on an Australian bridge climb. That was cool, like a bromance thing," the guitarist laughed.

This year's Bonnaroo boasted variety and diversity, especially with DEP on the bill. "We told Trent we were coming out the day before, since they performed on Saturday night and we were scheduled for Sunday. Trent has been supportive of us and gives us advice. We are fans of his. NIN, to me, is like my favorite. What Metallica is to Greg (Puciato, singer), Nine Inch Nails is to me," Weinman said. For "Wish," all of DEP performed with all of NIN.

So what was going through Weinman's head during "Wish?" Having fun! "We have covered 'Wish' in Dillinger, so at this point, all the guys in the band are great," Weinman said. "We were happy to see each other since we haven't hung out since Australia. It was more of a fun thing to do with dudes that we like. In hindsight, I don't take it for granted and think maybe we're doing something okay as a band!"