Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman is a busy guy. When he's not wielding that guitar of his as a weapon around stage, he's working on remix projects and managing the band. You'd think he'd have no time for anything else, but now the guitarist is co-managing newest Season of Mist singing, Of Legends.

"It's what I do every day," Weinman told Noisecreep when asked how he fits this new job into his already hectic schedule. "It's my life." He's been acting as Dillinger's manager since the band started, a role he explained he's always had in his bands out of necessity.

Weinman has been a longtime friend of Luis Dubuc, Of Legends' main man, who until recently was more synonymous with electronic and soul acts like the Secret Handshake. After hearing the pounding metal stylings of his newest project, Weinman wanted to offer his help. "When [Dubuc] started doing this project, I was like, 'I'd love to help you out, if there's anything I could do with my background in heavy music.'"

Weinman admitted to helping Of Legends gain some footing, and their early exposure has made him remember what is was like when Dillinger was starting out. "It really bring me back to the beginnings of just starting out with no kind of expectations and playing your fist shows, and the nervous of how it will turn out. It's pretty exciting."

Despite the business side of management, Weinman doesn't see his role behind the scenes in bands as that. "I always considered that part of it a creative outlet. I never considered it business as much as part of the whole picture. I thought that the way that you handle your band and interact with people was part of the experience."

No one should fear that this will take away from all his other projects. If anything, he's just doing what he can for a band he truly believes in. "I already would like to take them on tour. It's a band that makes sense for me to say hey to some of my contacts to check it out. It's me just really helping out a friend really, and I just back it."

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