Dillinger Escape Plan

Flatulence. Scatology. Farts and poop. That was the extent of the content during this hilarious edition of ''Creep Show,' which featured Amy Sciarretto versus all five members of my fellow New Jersey brethren, the Dillinger Escape Plan. After a long day of other interviews, the boys arrived ready to have a good time.

Not only do we forgo the usual ''Creep Show' intro and outro music in favor of an exclusive, impromptu and improvised DEP jam session, we engage in 'Pillow Talk' radio voices, prank call their fans, assess their burglary attire, gloss over their current tour with Darkest Hour and upcoming album, 'Option Paralysis,' which is due out March 23 and coin the phrase 'pweef,' which is a penis fart.


Oh, and three-fifths of the band (guitarist Ben Weinman, bassist Liam Wilson and guitarist Jeff Tuttle) actually fart on command, on the mic! Vocalist Greg Puciato and the new guy, drummer Billy Rymer, exercise fart restraint. Thankfully, they were not the silent-but-deadly variety, and the studio didn't smell. We do, however, chuckle inside at the thought of whomever uses those mics in the aftermath.

Fart and penis jokes. It's all in a metal day's work for the Dillinger Escape Plan.

Dillinger Escape Plan