There's a rumor, uh, floating around that the ghost of Ronnie James Dio made an appearance at the Last in Line gig at the Slidebar in Fullerton, Calif. this past Saturday, Aug. 3.

Raymond Freeman, Jr., the brother of singer Andrew Freeman, claims that he saw what he believe to be an apparition of the late, great Dio, who passed away from cancer in 2010, on the stage, in photos from after-the-fact.

The show was Last in Line's first-ever gig. Why would the spirit of Dio show up? Well, the group is a DIo tribute and features former members of Dio's band performing together. It's Def Leppard's Vivian Campbell, who was formerly in Dio, as well as Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain and Claude Schnell, all former members of Dio's band. The project is fronted by Freeman.

"I just came across it while looking at photos from the last gig," Freeman, Jr. told Blabbermouth. "Call me crazy, but it somewhat appears to be Ronnie James Dio just above [guitarist] Vivian Campbell. Just weird ... Ghost??? Weird lighting??? Not sure, but it's there and pretty creepy."

He posted a photo and explanation on his Facebook, as well. You can take a look and see if you spot Dio in the collage photo below and then watch the clip performance below and decide for yourself if the spirit of Dio felt the need to be there.

As for us? We think it's lighting, but on a cosmic level? Dio was "there" since the band is a tribute to his music ... just not as an apparition.


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