July 14 marks the release of 'Pray For Enemies' from DevilDriver and a new album means it's time to get back on the bus. This tour though is going to be a long one, "We kind of made the statement that we are not going to come off the road until 2011," vocalist Dez Fafara confessed to Noisecreep.

Dez describes the constant touring as "a dream sometimes and a horror at others"; but what could be the horrors of traveling the world for your art be? It's what is being missed at home. In the non-stop touring life Dez has had since '95 a lot has happened while he's away. "I've missed out on births, deaths, f---ing graduations," Dez lamented. Dez has two children and a wife at home and we asked him how he juggles being a family man and the gut-punching screamer of DevilDriver.

"I try to keep them away from this lifestyle as much as I possibly can but it's getting harder now as they are getting older," Dez says. "Me and my wife have a three week rule where if I'm gone three weeks then I fly her out, or I fly in, but I've been breaking that rule a lot, too much to her chagrin."

But it looks like with the new non-stop touring coming with the release of 'Pray For Enemies' Dez is going to change the rules and mix the family life and the metal life saying, "I think this year and next year I'm going to have to take my family with me sometimes because I'm missing out on them growing up." Sadness came over Dez on the thought of how much he has missed over the years.

For Dez's kids this change will probably be one of the greatest times in their lives as both them love music - especially metal. "My 12 year old, who played me in 'The Clouds of California' video as the vocalist," Dez laughs, "is walking around with long hair and a Slayer shirt on and telling me to call Phil Anselmo and get an autograph for him."