Cereal. A swig of beer. A DevilDriver t-shirt. That's all one needs to start the day in DevilDriver's video for the absolutely crushing new track 'The Appetite.' As it turns out, more metal and more drinks are all one DevilDriver fan needs to get through his life. The video explores one man's insatiable hunger for metal and seemingly unquenchable thirst for various beverages of the alcoholic sort.

A young turk, cruising down the street on a skateboard and cloaked in the metal uniform of a denim vest with a patch on it, jeans and sneakers, rocks out to the song on his iPod earbuds. He lip-syncs, throws the metal horns and plays air guitar. Dare we say we found the biggest DevilDriver fan ever? We just may have.

The clip is all narrative -- no canned footage of the band performing. That allows you to get to know the band's No. 1 fan, all the while wondering if his partying ways are going to lead him down the wrong path.

He eventually ends up at a metal show, where he continues the partying. This dude can really toss 'em back. He even gets busy with a hot blonde. But he's so sloshed we doubt he was able to even remember it, much less perform. The life of a metalhead is celebrated. Nothing more, nothing less.

The video does suggest two things, depending on your point of view. First, you are curious how this dude's night will end -- thankfully, it's not in tragedy. But you can't help but wonder if he is harming himself with all that drinking. Second, it suggests that metalheads aren't always what they may seem. So what if he drowns his sorrows? Such is life. It doesn't make him a bad person.

DevilDriver's new album 'Winter Kills' is out Aug. 27.