We've already heard several crushing tracks from DevilDriver's sixth release 'Winter Kills,' which landed at retail this week. The band hasn't lost its metallic bark or bite despite being six albums deep. However, the band threw us for a bit of a loop, though, with its corrosive cover of AWOLNATION's breakout single, 'Sail.'

This is certainly DevilDriver's uncompromisingly metallic take on a rock radio hit. They twist the melody and the delivery, and make it uniquely DevilDriver.

In fact, if you have no frame of reference for this song -- you know, if you are too busy listening to Slayer or Krallice to be bothered with listening to the more mainstream music of AWOLNATION -- you might think it was a DevilDriver original. The way that frontman Dez Fafara spews the lyrics is loaded with bile.

Kudos to the band for trying new things and not only thinking outside of the box, but for stepping outside of it, as well.

Listen to DevilDriver's cover of 'Sail' at Crave Online. The band will hit the road with Trivium in September for a month-long trek.