DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara is all about keeping things fresh musically, and a recent interview with Metal Hammer has the artist expressing his excitement over the group's upcoming album 'Winter Kills.' Although most rock bands claim that their latest work is the their best stuff ever, Fafara is more than confident with his new material.

"For me, I love the rebirth of things," explained Fafara, who first found fame with Coal Chamber. "I didn't mind starting a second band. I love when things renew. We're with Napalm Records right now. This is a new thing for us and this is a new style of music. We captured our groove, but it's a massive hook-driven record, and it's an important record for us."

With the album slated for an Aug. 27 release, the band will play European dates that month as well as U.K.'s Bloodstock on Aug. 11. DevilDriver will play at least four songs off their album during their tour, and Fafara added that newcomers to their sound should actually start with 'Winter Kills' and work their way backwards to the band's origins. Fafara, who describes the band's latest project as their most "hook heavy" record, is also slated to bring DevilDriver back to the U.S. for October and November dates in support of 'Winter Kills.'

New directions is a theme for DevilDriver this year as they departed Roadrunner to release 'Winter Kills' via Napalm Records. If their new single 'Ruthless' is any indication, a change of scenery hasn't changed the band's hard driving, yet musically layered sound. Winter is definitely coming, and thankfully, if you're DevilDriver, it doesn't suck.