A month ago the first single 'Pray for Villains' off the new DevilDriver album was unveiled; quickly a video featuring a zombie vs. cowboy duel was coupled to the song, then the band began streaming the song 'Back With a Vengeance' on their MySpace. Today Noisecreep has a stream of 'Bitter Pill', another piece to tease with from this long awaited juggernaut of an album.

Listen to 'Bitter Pill'

'Bitter Pill' gives way to a new direction for DevilDriver, but this direction is not a whole new course. The band has just begun to take bigger and stronger strides in a style and sound that can only be described as "the DevilDriver sound" - which is always blazingly fast. 'Bitter Pill' shows off the hefty steps of the band with guitar harmonies that give honor to more classic forms of metal in a way the band has never done before, and then there is the hooks laid all around the song like traps laid to ensnare. 'Bitter Pill' is not a song to just let go and move onto another. Let it have its way with you for a while.

As for what else to expect from the full album come release on July 14 vocalist Dez Fafara told Noisecreep to expect "faster paced stuff" but he also excitingly hinted that there is much more than just speeding aggression to 'Pray for Villains' saying, "We've got some slower paced stuff; I'd even say we have some sludgier stuff. Vocally I'm doing different things that I haven't done on the last record. You're going to hear technical guitar work on this record that the guys have not gone through before."