With his bulky build, flowing metalhead locks and deep, guttural growls, it's hard to imagine Dethklok vocalist Nathan Explosion doing anything else but fronting the world's biggest metal band for a living. But if Dethklok weren't an entity, he'd still get his hands dirty.

"I like yard work," Explosion told Noisecreep. "I like getting my hands dirty. I don't like work, but I like getting my hands dirty. I like them to not be clean. I am not a fan of lifting heavy things, but I can stand there and look like I have been working. I would do that if I wasn't doing Dethklok."

In addition to sullying his hands in the earth, Explosion also likes using his big, bellowing voice for career purposes. "I also like making announcements to people," he said. "I would announce things. I'd be at Neiman Marcus and say something like 'The store is closing in five minutes.' I could do that. I could do basically anything. I'd like to wear a business suit but not work as businessman. I would still have filthy hands and make announcements, like 'Wall Street is closing in five minutes.'" Neiman Marcus and Wall Street? Those are certainly worthwhile pursuits for the average man, but for Nathan Explosion? Hey, whatever works, right?

It's a good thing that 'Dethklok: The Dethalbum II' is due out Sept. 29 via Williams Street Records, so Nathan can keep his day job. You can also see him and his band on Adult Swim's wildly popular animated series, 'Metalocalypse,' which demonstrates the biggest metal band in the world in their everyday lives!