Brendon Small is the brain trust, co-creator, guitarist and songwriter behind 'Metalocalypse,' the headbanger-friendly animated series on Adult Swim which features the fictitious metal band Dethklok. Small is going to serve as a 'Guest Professor,' teaching and playing Dethklok tunes and other metal classics, on Paul Green's School of Rock All-Stars tour, which runs for a week, beginning on March 30 and hits markets like DC, New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

The tour, which is not a Dethklok trek, features the best students from Green's 45 schools across the nation and select dates will include the all-girl Metallica tribute band Misstallica and the full-female Queen Diamond, which pays homage to King Diamond. The dates will also feature Small engaging in Q&A sessions with fans. Green is considered a pioneer of music instruction, teaching kids from 7 to 18 to play through real-life experience; he loads them into a bus and takes them on the road.

Small is participating because he became a fan of Green's after viewing 'Rock School,' a 2005 documentary about Green. "I started playing when I was 14 and was hooked," Small told Noisecreep about his personal love affair with his instrument. "I now see what Paul Green is doing with his school and am blown away. The proof is in the students' playing. They're amazing! You have to see this show. Your jaw will drop."

As for why he chose to do 'Metalocalypse' and Dethklok, who claim to be the world's most popular metal band and who make fans sign 'pain waivers' to absolve the band of any responsibility when something horrible happens at their shows, Small says, "Dethklok is about me falling back in love with my guitar." Thousands of metalheads have fallen hard for the show and the band, gobbling up 2007's 'The Dethalbum.' Small is working on 'The Dethalbum II.'

Below is a video interview with Brendon Small, done by the Adult Swim folks.