News flash: The economy is in the crapper, which means people are spending less and making more pragmatic financial decisions. And, ultimately what that means is this summer, a tour's really got to offer something unique to concertgoers, or else those fans won't be spending their hard-earned cash on concert tickets.

IndieMerchStore understands times are tough, and to help combat the recession, they're bringing 10 hardcore bands to a city near you, and only charging you $10. That's four quarters, per band - what a deal! What's more, the bill boasts 10 bands you've actually heard of. Poison the Well will headline all 32 dates of the tour, with Madball, Bane, and Long Island's Vision of Disorder taking the stage for separate legs of the trek.

Others secured for the tour include Terror, Death Before Dishonor, War of Ages, Crime In Stereo, Trapped Under Ice, The Mongoloids, The Ghost Inside, This Is Hell, and Vision.

"This 10 for $10 tour concept is way overdue in my opinion," said Madball's Freddy Cricien in a release. "I'm glad and thankful that the people involved stepped up to actually make something like this happen. [Hardcore] in the states is in a 'strange' place right now. There is somewhat of a lack of appreciation for this 'sub-culture.' A lot of people want to say they know certain bands, or are affiliated with this underground scene because it gives them some credibility. It sounds cool. Well, this is everyone's chance to re-introduce themselves, and actually get involved with a very unique and authentic genre/ movement. It's also a chance for all of us, the bands, to show our stuff as well."

The tour gets underway in Philadelphia on July 9, and will make stops in New York City, Baltimore, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, St. Pail, Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland before wrapping up August 14 in Buffalo, New York.