Demon Hunter

I've been a Demon Hunter fan since their self-titled debut impacted my world in 2002. Yet I've only seen them once, at New York City's Knitting Factory back in 2003, I believe. That's because they never tour the East Coast, which is frustrating for fans out this way. However, their lack of touring does work to the band's advantage, as a Demon Hunter show transforms into an event, since it's such a rare occurrence. But vocalist Ryan Clark assured me that his band will tour in support of 'The World Is a Thorn' this year, including some East Coast dates.

"My day job is prolific, very fruitful and rewarding," Clark said, referring to his work as art director for Solid State/Tooth and Nail Records as well as a freelance graphic designer. "The biggest factor is our jobs. It's also the byproduct of that being the case, like you said, when we do play, it is more of an event and that has worked in our favor."

Even if Clark wasn't a Grammy-nominated packaging designer, Demon Hunter would most likely not play 300 shows a year. "I like that it is a special event," he admitted about his band's shows. "We are touring this year more than we have in the past, at least more frequently, and there will be East Coast dates. I can't be too specific, but I believe we will play New York in late Spring."

Amen! Hallelujah! Thank whatever deity you pray to for that. "It's been a long time -- especially for upper northeastern states," Clark said. "We have neglected that area. It's not that we don't love the area. We do, but it has been hard to make the rounds."

'The World is a Thorn' is out now.