Demon Hunter bassist Jon Dunn is informed and intense when it comes to the gridiron. Noisecreep asked Dunn for his Super Bowl predictions -- and boy, did we get 'em. Dunn was detailed and impassioned about his opinion that the Packers and Steelers will make it to Texas in early February. That said, he was also a little bummed that his beloved Seattle Seahawks got bumped off last week.

"Now that my beloved Seahawks are out of the playoffs, what's next for the championship round and the Super Bowl? Well let me tell you," Dunn intimated to Noisecreep. "We could end up with a spectacular Super Bowl face off with Green Bay Packers facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Or we could end up with a dud of a Super Bowl with the Bears and the Jets. Not to worry, don't cancel your catering plans and uninvite all your pals for the game. 'Cause I got a hunch we are going to have the Packers and the Steelers locking horns for the Super Bowl, and that is going to be a match to witness.

Dunn also broke down each team's strengths and weaknesses, saying, "With the way Aaron Rodgers was hitting targets like a special forces sniper against Atlanta, Lovie Smith's defense won't stand a chance. Sure the Bears are good enough to stop the mediocre Seahawks, still only winning by two possessions against the 'worst team in playoff history,' but facing off against the Packers who put up 48 points against the number one seed Falcons, the Bears are going to fall short. The key to Green Bay winning this game will be [wearing] snow clothes and showing up, the rest should be a cakewalk for them.

"And onto the Jets and Pittsburgh, I will start by apologizing to all my N.Y. friends, but the Jets are more lucky than good. I've been waiting all season for that golden horseshoe to be dropped by the Jets. Sure the Jets had a great turnaround draft when they picked up Sanchez and things have been looking up for them. But the Steelers have done even better on their personnel ... drafting referees every year.

"You might be able to beat the Steelers, but can you beat the Steelers and the refs? Here in Seattle, we have the 12th man -- the fans causing so much noise we have the highest number of false starts in the league, but the Steelers have the 12th, 13th and 14th man. And they are all dressed like zebras standing around on the field. So sorry Jets, your luck has run out.

"The Super Bowl will be a heck of a matchup with the Packers and the Steelers facing off in Texas like an Old West shoot out. Sure Big Ben has been there before and got himself [two rings], but the young buck Aaron Rodgers is the real McCoy. Steelers might have the advantage with the hard hitting-defense and veterans like Hines Ward, but if the Packers can keep the game clean and away from the refs, we will have a Super Bowl to remember. Personally I am excited for this matchup, and I think it will be a hard-fought battle all the way to the end, with the Packers coming out on top."