As we told you in part one of the Deftones' video interview, the cross-genre hard rockers are feeling really good about things, having a new album, 'Diamond Eyes,' on the way after years of no new studio music thanks to the accident that befell bassist Chi Cheng. But not only is the group feeling good, they are feeling downright rejuvenated. "To me, it feels like a new band, 'cause we feel so excited about this record," bassist Sergio Vega told Noisecreep.

Having a new member has infused them with new energy and allowed them to mix things up musically. "It was definitely like new life coming, just having another opinion of someone that's close [to] us , our friend, but still came from outside perspective," vocalist Chino Moreno says, concurring with Vega. "This was kind of the first time I've ever had someone in the band be there with me performing all my vocals and he was pretty much in the vocal room the whole time. And it was really good to have him to bounce ideas off of."


Vega knows his role in the group, being the new guy. "It's also the spark, the excitement of the newness of it," he says. "You have an opportunity to create together, and you just feel like you have a new toy. Like when you get a new pedal, you just start tweaking s--- out, and if you're smart enough to record it you could have some joints. And I felt like that was me, I was that new pedal."