These are happy times for Sacramento hard rockers the Deftones. For the first time since 2006, the band is back in the public eye for new music. After bass player Chi Cheng nearly got killed in a car accident, the band halted recording of the in-progress album 'Eros' and played a few benefits for their fallen band mate. But they once again have a hit song in 'Rocket Skates,' a new album, 'Diamond Eyes' on the way, and an upcoming can't miss tour with Alice In Chains and Mastodon.

So, yeah, when Noisecreep headed out to the Burbank, Calif. home of their label, Warner Bros., to hold a little video chat with four of the band's members -- Chino Moreno, Abe Cunningham, Frank Delgado and current bassist Sergio Vega -- we found them in good spirits. "We're all eager to get out and rock," Moreno tells Noisecreep of heading out on the road. And they are feeling very confident in the new material. "We play these songs really well," he says of the 'Diamond Eyes' tracks.


Like all previous Deftones records during their 15-year run, 'Diamond Eyes' is another slap in the face of genres and musical barriers. The band gave us some insight on why their music is so diverse, listing musical influences from Hum, My Bloody Valentine, Pink Floyd, even electronic sounds.

To find out what their music of choice is for hanging out with their girl, the fantasies that would make a Deftones concert film, and why they feel fans still have to hear their whole albums, check out part one of our exclusive video interview with the Deftones.