Some Def Leppard tickets cost one fan much more than the actual ticket price. Shawn Terel Barber, 44, has just been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for filing a fraudulent claim over a car accident than never happened, in a failed effort to recoup $626.05 in Leppard tickets he couldn't use. The oddest part? He has been a police officer with the Palm Beach County Broward Sheriff's Office for 12 years and was once named "Officer of the Year."

We're sure that this isn't the type recognition he's looking for this time. Barber's wife Wendy had purchased the pricey tickets to the 2008 Leppard show at the Seminole Hard Rock as a birthday gift. That was sweet, but one problem, the babysitter bailed. Instead of trying to sell his tickets at the last minute, Barber filed a bogus accident report hoping that it would trigger the tickets' insurance clause. He was eventually caught in the lie and arrested last year. Who's foolin' now?

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