After getting a strong foothold with their self-titled debut, Deception of a Ghost are readying 'Speak Up, You're Not Alone,' their first with the Bullet Tooth label. Noisecreep is proud to give you a free download of 'These Voices,' a song displaying not only the grit and crunch of the North Carolina-bred band, but also a track that gives the lead-in to experimentations of the clean and melodic.

Frontman Blake Buchanan admitted a hope he has for listeners of the album. Sure there is a borderless hardcore pumping through it, but Buchanan desired for the messages to be just as clear as the riffs.

"Every song on this album has its different stance on things, but can all find their way back to understanding that you as a person are just that: you," he told Noisecreep. "So many people have lost the drive to be themselves, and I think while this was the main ambition for writing 'Speak Up, You're Not Alone.' It addresses so much more than that and will make a distinct connection with people."

Buchanan continued, "'These Voices' is a song I wrote about how we all live in such a judgmental and arrogant world that is constantly trying to tear you down for being an individual. This is where people fear to be themselves, and my point with this song was you are always going to hear what you don't want to hear but you should never be afraid to be yourself. 'These Voices' is a song that really hits deep with all of us in the band and is one that you will see us rock the hardest live."

'Speak Up, You're Not Alone' hits stores on Aug. 24, where soon after the band goes back to their second home -- the road -- joined by Corpus Christi and A Hero a Fake.