Polish death metallers Decapitated have lifted the curtain on the title of their fifth album. The new slab is called 'Carnival is Forever' and will be the band's debut release for Nuclear Blast Records. 'Carnival is Forever' is also the band's first studio album in five years.

Guitarist and founding member Vogg revealed the inspiration behind the title, breaking it down word-by-word. "'Carnival': war, rape, lies, pathology, evil displayed through certain events and situations of the latest years in the world. 'Is Forever': I guess it doesn't need explaining. Both in the text and the title, there is bitter irony. The author of the title and all lyrics is Jarek Szubrycht, author of 'Show No Mercy', the world's first biography of thrash metal legends Slayer."

'Carnival is Forever' is the follow-up to Decapitated's previous effort, 'Organic Hallucinosis.'

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