Although they are still finding their footing, Death Division are making strides with their career thanks to the recent release of their debut EP 'MMXIII' and their current participation in Gigantour.

Gigantour founder Dave Mustaine plucked the band for his summer touring, and was quick to praise the new, but veteran-laden outfit. In a radio interview with Colorado Spring, Colo. station 94.3 KILO, Mustaine said if his label Tradecraft could sign someone at the moment, it would be a done deal. "When I heard them, I said, 'Well, who's their label?' And Justis [Mustaine's son and the band's manager] said they don't have a label," said Mustaine. "And I said, 'Really? Well you now what? They can open Gigantour if they want to.'"

The Megadeth leader gave high praise to band member Rick Di Marco, describing him as one of the best guitarists he's heard in a long time. The other members of the outfit include bass player Jerry Montano (Danzig, Nothingface), drummer Tim Yeung (Morbid Angel, Divine Heresy), and singer/guitarist Sean De La Tour.

'MMXIII' is currently available for download on iTunes, and the EP contains the tracks 'I've Had Enough,' 'We Are the Fallen,' 'The Day She Left,' 'All Hope Is Lost,' and 'Demons.' Although Death Division's music is a sonic assault to the senses, the band do have a melodic sense about them, as evidenced in the catchy 'All Hope Is Lost.' The band are prepping a full length album for early next year.