Thrash metal band Death Angel have announced the track list for their upcoming album 'The Dream Calls for Blood.' The project is set for an Oct. 11 release in Europe, with an Oct. 15 debut in North America via Nuclear Blast Records.

The San Francisco-based outfit have spent over three years touring in support of their previous album 'Relentless Retribution,' and with the new material just around the corner, any plans for an extended rest don't seem possible. Since a pack of bloodthirsty wolves grace the cover of 'The Dream Calls for Blood,' we're not going to question the band's road dog work ethic.

After hosting an Oct. 18 album release party at Slim's in San Francisco, the band will hit the road once again for several weeks. The following day they head to Hollywood for a gig at the Whisky, and their brief run ends with a Nov. 10 performance in Santa Ana, Calif. (Observatory). Lending support on the tour are Diamond Plate, Revocation, and Battlecross.

"This tour is the perfect springboard to launch off of and back on the road; hungrier and more focused than ever," said Death Angel singer Mark Osegueda. "With a lineup of bands handpicked by us, you're basically sonically ravaged from the moment the lights dim at the beginning of the night until the lights turn back on the end!

Amidst all the head banging exists a bit of neurosis, as evidenced by guitarist Rob Cavestany's thoughts on the album's tracks. "By looking at the song titles, I guess it's obvious that angst and struggle is still a major part of our reality," said Cavestany. "Thankfully, we have this outlet to vent and release aggression. That way we remain the happiest band in thrash! Hope these song titles intrigue you."

Fans who purchase a ticket at their San Francisco, Hollywood, and Ramona, Calif. (Oct. 20, Ramona Mainstage) dates will also receive a copy of 'The Dream Calls tor Blood' at the show.

Death Angel, 'The Dream Calls for Blood' Track Listing

1. 'Left for Dead'
2. 'Son of the Morning'
3. 'Fallen'
4. 'The Dream Calls for Blood'
5. 'Succubus'
6. 'Execution -- Don't Save Me'
7. 'Caster of Shame'
8. 'Detonate'
9. 'Empty'
10. 'Territorial Instinct/Bloodlust'
11. 'Heaven and Hell' (digipak bonus track)