Dead by Wednesday are fully prepared to suffer for their art. The video for 'Pawns' is a bit claustrophobic. The band is packed in tight, performing amidst fans, while the song's thunderous beat pummels with intensity. "It's an anthem for our youth to read between the lines," drummer Opus told Noisecreep about the song. "Don't believe everything the system, government and people tell you on TV and in the press. Don't be a follower; be a leader. Stand up for what you believe in. Think for yourself and always question authority! In the end basically it's saying don't just be a pawn because... we are not your pawns!"

For the shoot, 40 people were stuffed into a little room, in the middle of summer, with everyone wearing black and the windows were blackened, thanks to the use of industrial-sized plastic bags "which acted like a microwave," according to Opus. "It was so much work to put up, so it was so freakin' hot in there that people were literally sweating buckets of water. It was literally like a sauna during that shoot. I think everyone left a few pounds lighter but it made it look more 'official' and like one of our live, high energy shows!"


The shoot was even harder for Opus, since, as drummer, he had to play in every single take and shot, which topped out at around 60 times. "I was so exhausted and dehydrated that when I got home, I started hallucinating, but I think the end result was definitely worthwhile," he laughed.

The band is continuing to promote 'The Killing Project,' which is out via Eclipse Records and features "Pawns."

Opus also revealed, "We are looking for solid tours to jump on now for 2010 to continue the push. We are also planning on possibly shooting a second video, which will be less performance-based and more artsy, for 'Declaration of Inhumanity.'" The band is also writing some new songs -- they've churned out about 23 so far -- for the next album, and they hope to start pre-production in early 2010. "They are brutal," Opus hinted about the tracks.