To say that Disturbed and Device frontman David Draiman is upset over the recent 'Rolling Stone' cover featuring Boston bomber Dzhokar Tsamaev is an understatement. Earlier this week, the musician was one of the first to voice his outrage in a full-on Facebook rant. Draiman has now opened up further about his thoughts on the matter in a new interview with Revolt TV in which he likens the coverage to "a pimp trying to whore something out for his own best interests."

When asked about his initial thoughts upon seeing the cover, Draiman stated, "Disgust, aberration, anger, resentment, shock." He went on to state, "I think that the media has spent far too much time making these acts of evil and cowardice attractive to an entire generation of future maniacs who are looking to go out in a blast of martyrdom and infamy."

Draiman calls the editorial move "socially irresponsible," and added, "I think that it's incredibly disgraceful and disrespectful to the victims' families [and] to the people who were severely injured or maimed for life."

While 'Rolling Stone' chalked up covering the bomber to a journalistic issue, covering the events of the day much like they covered Charles Manson in the '70s, Draiman says, "You can't even compare the two -- this is apples and oranges and so people who are always making reference to the Manson cover are making fools of themselves because those are two completely different situations. They are two completely different time periods, two completely different cultures and one does not justify the other."

As a result of their actions, Draiman is calling for a boycott of the magazine and suggests that the editor and vice editor of 'Rolling Stone' should be fired for their decision to run with the cover.

He concludes, "This isn't just a matter of creating controversy to sell magazines. If you wanna go ahead and pimp something out -- do us a favor, take your daughter, put her in a slutty dress and throw her on the street and do whatever the hell you want and it's your own g--damn business. Don't do it in front of the entire g--damn country. Don't do it in front of the people of Boston who have suffered through this entire situation. Don't insult the legacy that you've tried to create with a magazine that's supposed to symbolize something great which you've now completely defaced."

Watch Draiman's full Revolt TV interview at this location.