Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine put his John Hancock on the limited edition guitar of one Vince Minogue, the lead guitarist and vocalist of Wireless Soul, deemed the biggest youth rock band in Chicagoland, at a signing and appearance on July 19 at Guitar Center in Brookfield, Wis. The interaction and exchange between the guitar legend and a rocker-in-training, who is just 11, was entertaining and actually quite sweet.

While Mustaine has a reputation for being ornery at times, he showed his softer side when interacting with Minogue, who we can predict will be a future shredder by virtue of the guitar that he asked Mustaine to sign.

"The guitar is bigger than you are," Mustaine joked upon asking the mini musician where he wanted him to place his signature on the instrument. The guitar great also made sure that Minogue wanted him to use a gold marker to sign the piece.

Mustaine also explained that it would better to put the ink on the headstock of the guitar so it doesn't rub off or wear away from sweat and spit as he uses and abuses the instrument.

Minogue handed a copy of his band's CD to the guitar god, as well. He was not shy ... at all. Mustaine was clearly impressed. Learn more about Wireless Soul here.

Minogue's axe is pretty sweet. The diamond plate guitar was manufactured by Dean and is one of just 100 made to commemorate this particular model. Dean has sold 10,000 of these guitars over the course of its history.