We were perusing Darkthrone's MySpace page the other day, looking to see what ass-kicking metal Fenriz might be recommending, and sure enough he came through again. This time it's a classic video of 'The Sails of Charon' from the Scorpions, circa 1977, shortly before influential guitarist Uli Jon Roth was replaced by current Scorpions gunslinger Matthias Jabs.

This is a great song with some impressive fretwork from Uli. Most are probably unaware of this more adventurous era of the Scorpions, but of course Fenriz is on top of it, telling Noisecreep, "Well, I think spreading good music is the most important thing I and others can do on this planet, but I don't like watching music, I like to hear it, so every time I get a video, it is from someone, and I quickly see if it's something I want to watch or not. But I like old Scorpions, and it is a band that has been around my whole life anyway. But many in Norway, and I suspect in other countries and scenes, think that the Scorpions are only 'Winds of Change' and 'Still Loving You,' and our page gets 3000 visits a day, so many can now see that the Scorpions are heavy and cool and that they definitely ruled in the '70s."