The Misfit and the Runaway -- now that's a vocal match made in heaven. Glenn Danzig has shared his cover of the psych pop track 'Some Velvet Morning,' originally done by Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, which features an assist from former Runaways lead vocalist Cherie Currie. The track is slated to be featured on Danzig's upcoming covers release.

It's a dark and doomy rendition, a remake that fans of the original probably wouldn't expect. Danzig's rough, low and throaty roar is complimented by Currie's higher, vibrato-like register. While morning isn't exactly our favorite time of the day, 'Some Velvet Morning' by these two rockers is certainly a 'Morning' we love.

Los Angeles fans look to be treated to a live performance of the cover, since it is rumored that Currie will join the singer onstage at his show at the Gibson Amphitheater on Aug. 30.

Therefore, anxious L.A. fans can prepare for this rare slab of awesomeness by listening to this track. Check it out, as 'Some Velvet Morning' is currently streaming at Danzig's website.