It's a set up! Glenn Danzig had his clock cleaned by North Side Kings vocalist Danny Marianinho way back in 2004 and the video from the incident is still widely circulated on the web. The notoriously difficult singer has an interesting theory about the 8-year-old incident, saying, "That was him trying to get me on camera punching him so he could sue me or some shit. I forget what it was.

When everyone was breaking it up, he cold-cocked me. What are you going to do?" He continued, "Yeah, those were his guys with the camera. No one knows that. Well, back then they did. It was a set up." As for the punch, which knocked Danzig to the ground? He claims it didn't hurt, since Glenn Danzig is no mere mortal. Check out video of the altercation below. [LA Weekly]

A GWAR fan (we know this, since he wears a black GWAR tee in the video) proposed to his girlfriend while on the TMZ tour in Hollywood. Wearing his Sunday best, right? While those sleuths over at the gossip site erroneously referred to GWAR as speed metal, we still thinks it's cool that the band got some publicity exposure via this proposal. She said yes, by the way. [TMZ]

Watch Glenn Danzig Get Punched in the Face

Tool's Danny Carey jammed with some incredibly lucky kids at the School of Rock in L.A. last week, pretty much making their lives by doing Led Zeppelin and Tool covers with 'em. He also spoke about the much anticipated next Tool album. The drummer confirmed that the band has the "framework" of "at least five good songs." Hey, that's a start! Hopefully they will expand on the framework and get an album out by 2013. [Metal Insider]

Wanna see Trivium tonight in Nashville? Well, we're not going to fly you out there to take in the gig, but you can watch the Livestream footage, which kicks off at 9PM ET. Technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it brings metal into your living room. [Livestream]

Our friends at Loudwire have posted a funny video piece featuring some of the funniest heavy metal-loving animals you'll see anywhere! [Loudwire]