Dangers guitarist Justin Smith is also in Graf Orlock, a Los Angeles-based concept band! Stop right there! Don't go rolling those eyes and dismissing the band as too precious for its own good! Graf Orlock's lyrics are comprised entirely of lyrics and dialogue that quotes Hollywood action movies while all song titles are named after DVD chapters! Dangers are lyrically-driven as well, but in a totally different way.

"Dangers lyrically focuses on wordplay, the use of language. And for the new record, 'Messy, Isn't It?' [is a] critique of life and death in a culture seemingly composed of garbage," Smith told Noisecreep. "Musically, it is also a hardcore band, but has a lot more disparate influences. For instance, there is a waltz song, straight-up punk songs or harder-to-pin-down influences, which create something cool in the course of an entire record, I think, without being weaker or softer. This record will appeal to a lot of different tastes, but still be as insanely pissed off in an introverted and extroverted way." Ah, contradictions!

The quirky, interest-arousing title of the record was extracted from the suicide note of the writer modern American writer Richard Brautigan, best known for penning 'Trout Fishing in America.' Smith revealed that the new record "is based on that concept and comes across in an attention to detail most bands don't have these days. I feel like the music appeals to a lot of people across the board, as something sincere and worth spending time on. Hopefully the other things we have been doing with the label and bands will also spur someone to listen, write their own stuff or start their own bands."

'Messy, Isn't It?' is out on Feb. 9 via Smith's own Vitriol.