DaathAfter a terrifying bout with pneumonia -- actually, he had a disease that mimics pneumonia, but it's even deadlier because men of science aren't quite sure what causes it -- Daath guitarist Eyal Levi checked in with Noisecreep about his health and his progress after last summer's scare!

"I have a clean bill of health," the guitarist revealed to Noisecreep. "I just had a full physical, and there is no sign of any bulls--- inside of me. I am busy as ever, working on a million different things and getting ready for next Daath record. We are writing songs and booking studio time in April."

Even though the disease hasn't reared its ugly head again, Levi still harbors a wee bit of fear of a recurrence. "I worry about it coming back all the time," he admitted. "My side started hurting recently, but I thought my rib was acting up, from when it got broken in April. I got scared, because that is how I felt when it lead up to me getting really sick!"

While traipsing across Europe on tour with Chimaira and Unearth, he also contracted the "tour illness," where everyone on the tour gets the same sickness from being in close quarters and proximity to one another and that freaked him out, as well.

"I immediately got on antibiotics, and it went away," he said. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Daath's 'The Concealers' is out now.