In a brand new entry for his 'Jumping Darkness Parade' blog series for, Daath guitarist Eyal Levi reveals that he almost died on their current tour.

Apparently, the shred master was just discharged from the hospital yesterday after suffering a horrible case of pneumonia. The health nightmare began in June on the last night of Daath's tour. Celebrating backstage at The Norva in Norfolk, Va., the guitarist was partaking in some drunken hijinx with drummer Kevin Talley -- when he got kneed in the ribs. After feeling pain for a few days, Levi headed to the hospital. Sure enough, his rib was broken.

Like a true trouper, the guitarist didn't let that keep him from jumping on Daath's next tour with Goatwhore and Abigail Williams, but then the pneumonia symptoms started creeping in.

A few weeks ago, he went to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics. But he went right back into the daily grind of touring. The fact that Levi had a broken rib didn't exactly help the situation and made the pneumonia all the more threatening. Things took a turn for the worse on the Aug. 21 stop of their tour, when the guitarist walked into a Connecticut emergency room, unable to take the pain anymore.

As Levi explained on MetalSucks, "They admitted me to the hospital and began a week of hell that I wouldn't wish on anyone except for my worst enemies, and dudes, I do not wish it on you. I'm not going to go into the hospital stay too much, except to say that it sucked ass. I've never come that close to dying and I hope to never come that close to dying again. Makes you realize how quickly things can change and how easy it is to go down."

While Levi hasn't completely recovered, he has since been discharged and will be resting up at home before Daath hit the live circuit again in September with Chimaira and Unearth. He's also just announced that he and fellow Daath guitarist Emil Werstler have inked a deal with progressive rock institution Magna Carta for a new project they're starting with Cynic drummer Sean Reinart. We just hope Levi gives his body the break it needs!