"It's really hard to talk about a new album you're in the middle of working on," Daath guitarist/producer Eyal Levi told Noiscreep, checking in from the Atlanta studio in which the band is currently working on their third album, which is slated for a fall release. "The cliché 'can't see the forest for the trees' really does apply. We could say all the standard 'good game' s--- like 'it's more extreme' or 'it's our most brutal album yet.' We really could and you know what? It's true. This record we're making does happen to be more technical, extreme and brutal than all our other ones but at the same time it still has the same Daath catchiness and left turns we've always taken."

Levi also said that there is some evolution in the music as well, which is to be expected and should be embraced -- since the band members and the band as a unit are continually evolving. "The evolution is that all the different places we're coming from as musicians are integrated seamlessly. Our previous record, 'The Concealers,' which we're still very proud of, was really the sound this lineup getting its feet wet in the studio and reacting to the life-changing events from the previous album cycle."

The guitarist pointed out that while the band is free of stress, they still strive for excellence, saying, "This next one is us with no external pressure to create something needed to please a corporate bottom line, no 'getting to know each other.' This is Daath collectively and individually being ourselves, on our turf, on our terms, pushing the limits of our musicianship, honesty and artistry. There's no point in getting too descriptive. No point in speculating as to how people react. We just know that we're creating a record that represents what and we are at this point in time."

That makes us even more psyched to hear it. Century Media will release the album in the fall.