After tossing around ideas for the name of the follow-up to their 2009's 'The Concealers,' Daath have decided to name it simply 'Daath.' In part, the band's fourth record is eponymous because it will reinvent the their sound.

"A lot of the riffs are very unconventional, and there's also a lot of really brutal old-school sounding death metal on there," guitarist Emil Werstler told Noisecreep. "The lighter stuff is lighter, the heavier stuff is heavier, and it's pushing harder in every direction."

One area where the Atlanta extreme metal virtuosos have undergone some of the most sonic changes is in the synth department. While 'The Concealers' was lacking in keys, the band hired keyboardist Eric Gunther (From Exile) to work with them on the new record. Last year, Gunther worked on the Levi/Werstler side project album 'Avalanche of Worms.'

"Eric has been an old friend of ours in town for four or five years," Eyal Levi added. "We frequent his bar a lot, and I produced his band on their 'Monolith' CD. So we got to know each other musically and realized he was a musical powerhouse. We asked him if he could help on 'Avalanche of Worms,' and he knocked it out of the park. So it was natural for us to ask him to do the new Daath album. He brings in a whole new approach to synth, which makes the songs more expansive and powerful."

Daath are co-producing the new album with Mark Lewis (Trivium, DevilDriver). They began tracking on June 1. "It's nothing like 'The Concealers,'" Werstler said. "It's way better. We're here to outdo everything we've ever done before. That's our idea of success."

'Daath' is out on Oct. 26 from Century Media.