Things have changed for the past few months for Atlanta's Daath. Guitarists Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler, who are working on their guitar side project titled Levi/Werstler, have always embraced what most fear: the new and unknown. They don't get their panties in a knot over membership changes or label licensing deals.

"To get by in this world, you have to welcome change," Werstler told Noisecreep. "You can't follow a template once you find it making your job easier. You can't just pick things that work and roll with them for the rest of your career. I feel positive where we are at and where we're about to be."

Levi also said, "We've still got the same in-the-trenches mentality. The one thing that stays consistent is our work ethic and our drive." The band is working on its third album, the follow-up to last year's 'The Concealers.' After that record came out, drummer Kevin Talley, a bit of a metal journeyman, took a brief sabbatical from the band, which was more for the skinsman's sake than the band as a whole.

"I think the sabbatical was reinvigorating to Kevin," Levi said. "Nothing really changed for the rest of us. We still went at everything 100 percent. I have yet to reach the day where I need to be reinvigorated towards music!" The new Daath full-length will be out this fall.

Werstler also demonstrated his dedication to playing by saying, "As soon as I stop enjoying my instrument, you can go ahead and flush the toilet," he said. The pair believes that Daath fans will dig their instrumental side project, as well. "We have always had density when it comes to our recordings," Werstler said. "Daath is a very direct statement. The more albums we record, the more we cut out the bulls--- and go for the throat.

"'Avalanche of Worms' is not as 'measure three times and cut once' as Daath in terms of musical direction," Werstler admitted. "I feel we took what we were equipped with and let the situation guide us into territories that are more 'off the map.' I'm sure certain people will notice that."

Levi concurred, saying "especially those Daath fans that get into our more progressive side."