"I am so proud to have an album out, period. And I hope people will get out of it what we put into it, which was blood, sweat and tears," says Cycle of Pain bassist John "JD" DeServio, who doubles as the bassist for Black Label Society, said. Cycle of Pain are no BLS knockoff, either; the band is doing its own thing, far removed from BLS. "There's different instrumentation," DeServio told Noisecreep. "We have a keyboardist and our music is more bass-driven, whereas BLS are more guitar-based." That makes total sense, since DeServio is COP's bassist and this is a band that he co-founded, while his longtime co-conspirator Wylde is a guitar god and BLS is his band! It's also worth noting that DeServio and Wylde also did time together in Wylde's other previous band, Pride & Glory!

DeServio has another reason to be happy, aside from finally releasing an album. It's a blessed metal miracle that he's still with us, as he almost lost his life in 1985, when he was involved in a terrible automobile accident, which rendered him comatose for two days, as he was hit on his driver's side door and thrown from the vehicle's passenger side window and landed on the highway. He suffered a broken back, two collapsed lungs, a ruptured bladder, 100 stitches in his right arm, a crushed left elbow and a shattered right hip and pelvis! "I almost died in that horrific car accident when I was 17," he recalled to Noisecreep. "They brought the priest in and everything, but I sent him away! I had too much sh*t to do." Some of that "sh*t" he speaks of includes touring relentlessly on Cycle of Pain's self-titled album. DeServio also said that BLS will be taking to the road again, possibly in July. Bring it on!