For our first podcast of 2010, we figured we'd take some extra time to catch up on all the latest happenings in metal, many of which went down while most of us were celebrating the holidays. So we put together an ace team of news experts composed of Revolver senior editor Kory Grow, Noisecreep head writer Amy Sciarretto and longtime music journalist Jon Wiederhorn.

Gathered around a table scattered with crib notes and flanked by cameras, the panel kept the discussion lively, entertaining and often amusing, whether talking about Slayer's cancellation of the American Carnage Tour, the suspected lineup for this summer's Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival or the persistent rumors of a Soundgarden reunion.

After running through all the news you could possibly use, the panel talked with Grow about Revolver magazine's heartfelt tribute to guitar legend Dimebag Darrell Abbott and former Pantera guitarist. The current issue of the magazine features a lengthy oral history about the point in Pantera's career where all the planets aligned and the band hit full stride, the making of 'Vulgar Display of Power.'

Grow talked about why the magazine staff decided to pay tribute to Dime by recounting a small segment of his career instead of providing a full life retrospective. He also discussed some of the obstacles Revolver encountered during the creation of the issue and revealed how the magazine got comic book illustrator Tim Bradstreet to create the cover art for the issue.

The 'Vulgar' issue of Revolver is on newsstands now. Watch this space for the first ''Creep Show' podcast of 2010.