Most bands wouldn't survive after an eight-year recording break. But then again, most bands haven't achieved the level of stardom Creed have. The Florida hard-rockers were the most successful act of the late '90s and although their last studio album, 'Weathered,' came out in 2001, that hasn't stopped radio programmers from playing their records non-stop. Creed finally reconvened this year and will be releasing 'Full Circle' today, which features 12 Howard Benson (Flyleaf, Motörhead) produced tracks that will surely please the masses of people who've been eagerly awaiting new material from the band.

Noisecreep caught up with guitarist Mark Tremonti and asked him about Creed's videography. "I'm not that big into them. They are usually really boring to shoot, but what sucks the most is the final outcome." We asked him to elaborate, and he revealed that "something happens on the way from the treatment stage to the actual video where we lose most of the stuff that the band envisioned for the concept. It's been frustrating many times for us."

We had to find out which of Creed's older videos were his least favorite, and Tremonti didn't have to think hard. "Oh man, the video for 'Higher' was such a disappointment for me. We were told that the final product would look like something out of 'A Clockwork Orange,' but the end result looked corny. We had put a lot of faith in the director and in the editing, but it definitely didn't look like something Stanley Kubrick would have made (laughter)."

Surely there had to be a Creed video Tremonti was happy with. "The video for 'What If' was fun to do, and it actually came out pretty cool since it had the 'Scream 3' movie stuff in it, too." Thankfully he's also digging their recent clip for 'Overcome,' "That one was made up of live footage and 'day in the life' kind of stuff with us. I think [director Daniel E. Catullo III] captured the energy of the song well."

'Full Circle,' Creed's fourth studio album is out this week through Wind Up Records.

Creed - 'Higher'

Creed - 'What If'

Creed - 'Overcome'