Redemption and preservation are long-standing themes of Creed. But even at the peak of their popularity, it's doubtful the hard rock giants thought their music would save a boy from a pack of nature's most vicious creatures.

As reported by the Spiegel news outlet, 13-year-old Walter Eikrem came across four wolves -- a large issue in Russia and surrounding areas as of late -- as he was returning from school in Norwegian municipality of Rakkestad . To combat the wolves, the boy began to play a Creed song on his mobile phone, scaring the wolves away.

"The worst thing you can do is run away, because doing so just invites the wolves to chase you down," Eikrem said. "But I was so afraid that I couldn't even run away if I'd wanted to."

The boy began to play the Creed song 'Overcome' on his phone and proceeded yell and thrust his arms around. "They didn't really get scared. They just turned around and simply trotted away."

Watch Creed's 'Overcome' Video