A lot of people love Creed. You might not know any, but they're out there, and they really want to hear songs from the band's first two albums.

This April, those super fans will get their wish, as the Florida foursome stages a series of special shows to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its debut, 'My Own Prison.' The band is slated to play two-night stints in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City, devoting the first show in each city to 'Prison' and the second to the 1999 follow-up, 'Human Clay.'

Creed will play through the multi-platinum albums in their entirety and throw in a few B-sides and rare cuts for good measure. In an interview with Billboard, lead singer Scott Stapp said he's looking forward to revisiting tracks the group rarely plays live.

"One thing about the way the albums were built years ago is they told a story from the first song to the last song, so they're meant to be played that way," Stapp said. "There was a reason behind the way we composed the songs and the way we put 'em together and organized them on the records."

More good news for Creed devotees: Stapp says the band is "about six tracks" into recording its next album, the fifth of its career and first since 2009's 'Full Circle.' The frontman -- who's also working on an autobiography and a second solo album -- said that he and his bandmates are taking their time to craft a record that holds up from start to finish.

"We're still a band that likes to create albums and not just get three songs we think will connect with radio and put an album out," he said. "We want to put out solid albums and want it to be an organic process, just like we had with those previous records."