The artwork for Creed's forthcoming album, 'Full Circle,' due Oct. 27, contains clues that are part of a contest to win gear, a private concert and other prizes. The cover shows a cylindrical keyfob with an assortment of keys and the band's official Web site has keyholes beginning each section.

"There are clues all over the keys throughout the album artwork, and we'll take you on a journey, which will lead you to our Web site. And whoever unlocks the door, so to speak, is the winner of a lot of cool stuff," explains frontman Scott Stapp.

Daniel Tremonti, brother of Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti, is behind the idea. He has been working with the band on design and marketing concepts since the original version of 'My Own Prison,' which Creed released on its own label, Blue Collar, in 1997. The band held similar interactive game hunts for its albums 'Human Clay' (1999) and 'Weathered' (2001). "This one is a lot more intricate and a lot cooler, as technology has advanced," says Stapp.

As president and creative director of Core Twelve, a multi-platform design, digital and marketing agency, Daniel has built the company into what Stapp calls "one of the probably top 10 companies in the world at what he does."

Stapp says on the previous two albums, they had about 150 active players trying to get through the game every day.

"Our last one, 'Weathered,' someone figured it out and deciphered the coordinates and went to the location that we had in the woods way out in Tallahassee and marked the spot," says Stapp. "They won our entire backline and all kinds of merchandise and got to fly out and meet the band and hang with us all day. It was pretty fun.

"When ['Full Circle'] comes out, there will be a little insert that gives a brief direction on how to start and where to go, and then whoever is interested is off to the races and begin playing game."

The prizes this time, says Stapp, are "what I just said, and more - private show, Gibson's involved, Paul Reed Smith's involved, all of our sponsors of our gear are involved, and so it's a pretty substantial prize."