Creature With the Atom Brain

Chances are you haven't heard of progressive rockers Creature With the Atom Brain before, and there's a reason for that. The band is from Belgium, and they've never really had a chance to expose their music to American audiences. But that's about to change soon.

Starting on Feb. 2 in Vancouver, the same day the band's LP, 'Transylvania,' hits stores, Creature With the Atom Brain will embark on a 13-date trek as direct support for grunge granddaddies Alice In Chains that runs through Feb. 23 in Louisville, Ky. And frontman Aldo Struyf, who started Creature as a solo project, couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to introduce the band -- which has since evolved into a four-piece -- to the U.S.

"We want to establish our name there," Struyf, who also plays keyboards in Millionaire, tells Noisecreep. "Nobody knows about us in the states, so we'll just play a killer show. We'll just play our songs and jam a lot and see how the audience responds. We'll see what works and play our best shows."

Fresh from a European trek with Jack White's Dead Weather, Creature With the Atom Brain (named after the Roky Erickson and the Aliens song of the same name) is gearing up for the tour's kickoff, and they're still in a state of utter disbelief that Alice in Chains came calling on them.

"Our management is based in Los Angeles, and they contacted Alice In Chains' management and sent them a CD of ours. And they wrote back that they liked it, and that we'd be a great fit or whatever, and we got half of the tour," Struyf says. "I didn't expect it at all. We wanted to tour the States, but we never imagined it would be with a band like Alice in Chains, who play beautiful venues and have lots of people coming down. Thousands of people will come and see us. It's perfect. We're all excited, really excited."

So what can fans expect from Creature's live show? "It's going to be really psychedelic with lots of jamming," he says. "In the beginning, you will think, 'Wow, that's just a rock band.' But we will make people fly away. It's like trance-inducing, our shows. People will freak out."