Vista Chino, the dust rock group featuring Kyuss founders John Garcia (vocals) and Brant Bjork (drums) along with guitarist Bruno Fevery, have recruited Corrosion of Conformity's Mike Dean to play bass on their forthcoming European tour. Onetime Kyuss bassist Nick Oliveri was originally slated to be a part of the project, but that no longer appears to be the case.

Dean assumed the bass duties for the band's first-ever North American gig at Orion Music + More earlier this month, so it makes sense for him to continue on in the role. The band shared its excitement about the continued partnership on Facebook.

Vista Chino, who went by the name "Kyuss Lives!" before dealing with a lawsuit over copyright issues and the name thanks to former Kyuss members Josh Homme and Scott Reeder, have a busy couple of months on the horizon, as they will release their debut disc 'Peace' on Napalm Records this fall.

Garcia and co. are happy to move forward after that legal drama, with the singer saying, "It's time to forget about the past year, move forward, and execute our original plan, which was to make kick-ass music and tour the world!"

Want a little taste of what's to come with 'Peace?' Then check out the new song 'Dargona Dragona' by clicking the button below. It's thunderous stoner rock, full of fuzzy riffery that goes on for days and that sounds baked in the Cali dessert. Garcia's signature, higher register vocals soar over top the riffy foundation.