converge'Axe to Fall' has been receiving scores of praise since its recent release. The latest record from metalcore mainstays Converge is solidly produced and, according to Decibel magazine, possibly their greatest album yet. The publication's December issue features the album, but their Web site also includes a track-by-track look at 'Axe' from frontman Jacob Bannon.

"In my opinion life is a constant emotional battle of positive and negative," Bannon tells Decibel of the title track. "Regardless of cultural and economical division, we all face this age-old quarrel in some way or another." Much of Converge's music evokes a reaction through its powerful chords, and Bannon's lyrics are a hidden treasure at its core. The song 'Damages' focuses on the failure to try and make one's own dreams come true. "This song is about witnessing these people sour," says Bannon.

Converge are currently touring North America, and are playing select dates with Deathklok and Mastodon. 'Axe to Fall' is out now on Epitaph Records, as well as the music video for the title track.